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One of Avcom Wireless’ goals is to strategically place repeater sites at locations that offer the best coverage to our customers.
Currently, Avcom Wireless has five sites with self supporting towers in heights ranging from 120—280 feet. These communication sites are as follows:

  • West Bay—120’
  • George Town—110’
  • Prospect—120’
  • Newlands—280’
  • Frank Sound—150'
    The Newlands site is conveniently located in the centre of Grand Cayman, and being the tallest of the five, it is used appropriately to house our LTR, and Mototrbo© Digital, Trunking Radio systems.

AVCOM Deployed New Digital Two-Way Radio Service
Caribbean Utility Company (CUC)

Avcom's Frank Sound Tower Construction
As of June 1st, 2014, AVCOM Wireless has completed the installation of the Mototrbo Digital Two-Way Radio system at the Caribbean Utility Company. The radio operators were fully equipped with the latest commercial digital Two-Way Radio technology from Motorola. Avcom, who is continuing to ride on the wave of technology, has since the beginning of last year, prepared and launched its Mototrbo Capacity Plus digital trunking Two-Way Radio system.

The repeater systems, located in Newlands and George Town are built with one of Motorola's toughest—the MTR3000 repeater. The MTR3000, capable of operating in analogue and digital modes, is nicknamed "workhorse" because of it robustness, 100% duty cycle, and maintenance free reputation inherited from its predecessor the MTR2000. The prime site at Newlands' is comprised of 6 MTR3000 repeaters in Capacity Plus trunking topology, and is connected to a high-gain antenna system propagating from a height of 250 feet.

This new digital technology which is base on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) platform, will offer many benefits to both the customer and the service provider. Extended range with better signal to noise ratio, and the ability to disconnect a lost subscriber radio from the system are some of its many welcomed features. Other features such as GPS tracking, Text Messaging, and Job-Ticketing, are but few to mention.
Avcom Wireless™ deployed CCTV at Owen Robberts International Airport
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AVCOM Wireless Replaces Old NonDirectional Beacon Antenna (NDB) At theCharles Kirkconnell International Airport
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