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Alltec Protection Pyramid

Safeguard valuable assets, defend critical electronics, and protect homes and businesses using the Alltec Protection Pyramid. The Alltec Protection Pyramid uses Alltec's proven products and services for groundingsurge suppression, and lightning protection to provide complete facility protection. Alltec Corporation has reinvented the way that companies and homeowners protect themselves from harmful transients and atmospheric phenomena, such as lightning strikes.

The Alltec Protection Pyramid is a three-tier system. Each level represents a method utilized to protect facilities from damages caused by harmful electrical currents. Rather than treating these tiers as independent, Alltec regards each layer as interlocking components. When all three tiers are designed, installed, and maintained together as a total system; comprehensive facility protection can be achieved.

The foundation tier of Alltec's Protection Pyramid begins with the design, installation, and maintenance of a code compliant, single-point, low impedance/low resistance grounding system. Upon this foundation, surge protection devices are staged to dramatically filter voltage, current, and frequency surges. Lastly, a well designed lightning protection system is created to protect against direct lightning strikes. 


PyramidThe base of the Alltec Protection Pyramid begins with the installation of a stable, low resistance and low impedance grounding system to bond all electrically conductive surfaces together. Harmful electrical currents are safely redirected to earth and away from power lines, telephone lines, or data equipment.  Alltec Corporation has specially designed the following products to lay a solid foundation for tier one of the Alltec Protection Pyramid.

TerraDyne | Electrolytic Grounding System

Provides efficient electrical grounding with continuous low resistance/low impedance.

TerraFill | Ground Enhancement Material

Provides a simple method to economically tackle difficult grounding situations.

TerraWeld | Exothermic Welding System

Provides simple, cost effective, permanent connections using a high temperature exothermic reaction.

TerraBar | Bus Bar Series

Consists of an array of styles and configurations, also, made to specifications.

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Alltec Protection Pyramid | Surge Suppression

Building upon the grounding tier, Alltec's second tier of protection comes from properly installed surge protection devices, which reduces and/or eliminates the magnitude of random, high energy, short duration electrical power anomalies. These occurrences are typically caused by atmospheric phenomena (lightning strikes), utility switching, inductive loads, and internally generated transient voltages. The Alltec Protection Pyramid relies onPowerTrip surge suppression devices to meet the demands required for tier two protections.

Surge Protection Devices

PowerTrip Surge Protection Device

PowerTrip surge suppression devices Incorporate Voltage and Frequency Responsive Circuitry Technology years ahead of any other devices on the market today. Utilizing proprietary electro-chemical encapsulation, PowerTrip surge protective devices (SPD) dissipate large amounts of surge energy to prolong service life.

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Alltec Protection Pyramid | Lightning Protection

Finally, a well-designed, customized lightning protection system will be installed to safeguard facilities from direct lightning strikes. Traditional lightning protection methods as well as some of the most advanced technologies are available from Alltec Corporation.

TerraStat | Charge Dissipation Terminals

Incorporates electrodes that break down into coronas before streamers can form, thereby lowering accumulated charge and mitigating streamer generation.

TerraStreamer | Early Streamer Emission Terminals

The preferred protection method for large area structures and open spaces.