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Perimeter Fencing
Power Plant Fence In today's world, a fence acting as a deterrent alone may not provide you with the level of protection you require. Our Infinity 2020 perimeter intrusion detection system turns your fence intoan active part of your security system. Before an intruder has an opportunity to set foot onto your property you are alerted to their presence, allowing for a preventive response.

The Infinity 2020 system's weather stations gives real-time data, making environmental conditions a known event, thereby compensating for weather rather than ignoring it or assume that it a global event and ignore all alarms. Individual zones each have their own weather settings, allowing further adjustment for localized conditions.

Fence perimeter
Since 1987, Integrated Security Corporation has provided the first line of defense at some of America's most critical locations, protecting against attacks at airports, commuter rail facilities, military bases, and prisons. Backed by unsurpassed technology, ISC is the chosen security system for petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, dams, and chemical plants.

Our sensor measures changes in current caused by climbing or cutting the fence.

Simple, accurate,and reliable, it will give you years of trouble-free operation in any environmental conditions, thanks to the  quality we build in.

Sld Gate Perimeter

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