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Two-Way Radios

Avcom provides two-way radio service to many companies and business, including the two largest utility companies in Grand Cayman, CUC and Consolidated Water.
Avcom Wireless is the historical leader that has been keeping the Cayman Islands on the leading edge of technology in the two-radio communication industry. Avcom Wireless, was the first to bring Logic Trunk Radio (LTR) to the Cayman Islands, a Motorola channel partner and only authorized dealer on the Islands, also authorized dealer for Kenwood, Icom, and Telewave. With our highly experienced staff and over 30 years experience, we are positioned to offer the best experience in two-radio communication.
In addition to providing our many customers with analogue Trucking Radio Service, Avcom Wireless is now offering the new Digital Mototrbo® Capacity Plus® Trunking Radio Service. This service offers extended range of clear audio, text messaging, GPS tracking, and other data services such as Job Ticketing, etc.

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Avcom Wireless Network
Site at George Town

Wi-Fi Networking and Microwave-Link Deployments [Top] With the emergence of the connectivity revolution, the need to have wireless connectivity to mobile PC's, mobile smart phones, RFID and LASER scanners are high in demand. Avcom Wireless is among the leaders in wireless networking, and Microwave interconnectivity. From large scale corporate deployment, to small enterprise installations, we take the hassle out of getting you started with state of the art Wi-Fi, MESH, Point-to-Point, or Point-to-Multipoint network connectivity.

Whether it is a pin or an anchor wireless networking need, Avcom Wireless has the solution to meet the requirements. Our Motorola® AP series are among the best we offer. Nevertheless, we offer solutions from other vendors, giving us the flexibility to tailor the needs of our valued customers.

See an overview on Point-to Multipoint in PDF

Wirless Network

Lan model
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Wi-LAN Planning and Engineering [Top]
Motorola LANPlanner facilitates quick and accurate planning, design and measurement of robust 802.11a/b/g/n networks for demanding applications in the most challenging environments. By accounting for the number of users, the deployment environment, the technology to be installed and the applications in use — including wireless voice over IP — LANPlanner recommends placement and density of equipment for optimal performance and provides site survey tools for network validation and troubleshooting.

AVCOM Wireless is proud to bring this advanced service to our customers. This engineering tool along with our trained experts enables us to provide superior service in the deployment of Wi-LAN solutions

Close Circuit TV (CCTV) [Top] CCTV system or Closed Circuit Television System is used to aid in the remote viewing of any location required and in doing so helps to secure the location. Avcom is the leader in the deployment of the latest generation of CCTV technology which leverages current networking technology and high resolution security cameras.

Our choice of cameras and software have been deployed at organizations such as Owen Roberts International Airport, and George Town Hospital. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality and performance or products and are happy the with level of service and support that we provide.

Avcom understands the concerns you have for security and knows the value of peace-of-mind. Therefore, we put high priority on our CCTV services.

Isonas IP to The Door Security Access Control
Security Access Control (Logistics and Deployment) [Top]

AVCOM Wireless offers the best deployment of Security Access Control System (SACS) in the Cayman Islands. This we can boldly say, since we have become the Authorized Dealer for Isonas Security Systems® in the Cayman Is. Isonas offers the best in the technology of SACS.

ISONAS provides an access control solution that enables effortless integration with your existing systems – or new ones over time. When you switch to our "pure IP" system, the TCP/IP interface works with your existing topography, and delivers a rich command set that provides a wide range of features across the paired system. Whether it is video management systems, physical security information systems, time accounting and management systems, or Microsoft Active Directory, Isonas is the way to go.

Isonas is the first company to bring an Access Control System with IP technology at the core. This bears out two important points: 1. Being totally IP connected, Isonas brings IP to the door. 2. It operates over any standard IP network, cutting cost and save space by eliminating bulky panels and excessive cabling. Isonas is fully POE compatible.

Here's how ISONAS provides easy integration across systems...
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Video Management Systems

Our approach to integration is revolutionary for the industry. Until recently access control systems were viewed as the primary command and control for an integrated video management systems and access control. Our integrated solutions provide users with a single, powerful interface for controlling doors and managing alarms and events. The single interface allows for a quick adoption because training is much quicker and simpler since we integrate into the software employees are already trained to use.

Some of the companies we work with:

  • Physical Security Information Systems (PSIM)

    We simplify integration by allowing a user to have a central command and control that monitors many building systems from a common interface. Our monitored systems can accommodate a wide range of products including: intrusion systems, fire alarms, multiple video systems, perimeter protection, intercom systems, emergency notification systems, and many more.

  • Time Accounting and Management Systems

    In order to help you track employee attendance and hours automatically, we enable your system to interface with a variety of time accounting systems commonly available.

  • Microsoft Active Directory

    From one to multiple locations, our system easily integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, enabling Human Resource teams to mange the credentials of all employees, or designate specific departments with the ability to do so themselves.

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    Our open, flexible software platform and TCP/IP interface allows POS systems to be customized to communicate directly with the ISONAS system. If a customer renews their membership with your point of sale system, that can create a permission for that customer to enter the gym, tanning salon etc.

Grounding and Lightning Protection [Top]

Safeguard valuable assets, defend critical electronics, and protect homes and businesses using the Alltec Protection Pyramid. The Alltec Protection Pyramid uses Alltec's proven products and services for grounding, surge suppression, and lightning protection to provide complete facility protection. Alltec Corporation has reinvented the way that companies and homeowners protect themselves from harmful transients and atmospheric phenomena, such as lightning strikes.

The Alltec Protection Pyramid is a three-tier system. Each level represents a method utilized to protect facilities from damages caused by harmful electrical currents. Rather than treating these tiers as independent, Alltec regards each layer as interlocking components. When all three tiers are designed, installed, and maintained together as a total system; comprehensive facility protection can be achieved.

The foundation tier of Alltec's Protection Pyramid begins with the design, installation, and maintenance of a code compliant, single-point, low impedance/low resistance grounding system. Upon this foundation, surge protection devices are staged to dramatically filter voltage, current, and frequency surges. Lastly, a well designed lightning protection system is created to protect against direct lightning strikes. 

Exothermic Welding

Perimeter Fencing [Top]

In today’s world, a fence acting as a deterrent alone may not provide you with the level of protection you require.  Our Infinity 2020 perimeter intrusion detection system turns your fence into an active part of your security system.  Before an intruder has an opportunity to set foot onto your property you are alerted to their presence, allowing for a preventive response.

Since 1987, Integrated Security Corporation has provided the first line of defense at some of America’s most critical locations, protecting against attacks at airports, commuter rail facilities, military bases, and prisons. Backed by unsurpassed technology, ISC is the chosen security system for petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, dams, and chemical plants.

Our sensor measures changes in current caused by climbing or cutting the fence.  
Simple, accurate,and reliable, it will give you years of trouble-free operation in any  environmental conditions, thanks to the  quality we build in.

The Infinity 2020 system's weather stations gives real-time data, making environmental conditions a known event, thereby compensating for weather rather than ignoring it or assume that it a global event and ignore all alarms.  Individual zones each have their own weather settings, allowing further adjustment for localized conditions. 

ATC Cayman Is. Aviation Telecommunications Maintenance Services [Top]

AVCOM Wireless has been for over 30 years providing aeronautical telecommunication maintenance services to Cayman Islands Airport Authority’s two airports, Owen Roberts International in Grand Cayman and Charles Kirkconnell International Airport, Cayman Brac.  All equipment used by the Air traffic controllers to communicate with aircrafts  providing their safe and efficient passage in, out, and through the Cayman Islands air space, are maintained by AVCOM Wireless.
Services include Navigational Aids, NDB, DVOR, DME, and most importantly, the air-to-ground radios used to communicate with airborne aircrafts and ground crew. Others include equipment such as the Voice switch, and Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN).
These equipment and other peripheral devices such as recorders and billing systems, which all form part of the essential services to the ATC, are serviced by AVCOM Wireless. AVCOM Wireless also provides services to the National Weather Service of the Cayman Islands, whose service also plays a critical role to Air traffic Services. Some of their equipment includes the Automatic Weather Observation System (AWOS) and the Hydrogen Generator used to provide hydrogen for the weather upper air systems.
“Chances are We Can Handle Your Communication Needs”

Weather Radar
Mixer Public Address Systems
Zone paging, design and installation are services associated with our deployment of Public Address systems as well as the supply of associated components.