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Wi-Fi Networking and Microwave-Link Deployments

With the emergence of the connectivity revolution, the need to have wireless connectivity to mobile PC's, mobile smart phones, RFID and LASER scanners are high in demand. Avcom Wireless is among the leaders in wireless networking, and Microwave interconnectivity. From large scale corporate deployment, to small enterprise installations, we take the hassle out of getting you started with state of the art Wi-Fi, MESH, Point-to-Point, or Point-to-Multipoint network connectivity.

Whether it is a pin or an anchor wireless networking need, Avcom Wireless has the solution to meet the requirements. Our Motorola® AP series are among the best we offer. Nevertheless, we offer solutions from other vendors, giving us the flexibility to tailor the needs of our valued customers

See an overview on Point-to Multipoint in PDF

Lan model

Wi-LAN Planning and Engineering

Motorola LANPlanner facilitates quick and accurate planning, design and measurement of robust 802.11a/b/g/n networks for demanding applications in the most challenging environments. By accounting for the number of users, the deployment environment, the technology to be installed and the applications in use — including wireless voice over IP — LANPlanner recommends placement and density of equipment for optimal performance and provides site survey tools for network validation and troubleshooting.

AVCOM Wireless is proud to bring this advanced service to our customers. This engineering tool along with our trained experts enables us to provide superior service in the deployment of Wi-LAN solutions